Friday, 26 October 2007

Brindisa Tapas, Borough Market. Nearly.

Wishing to complete a trio of tapas reviews, I scooted on down to Brindisa Tapas near London Bridge last night, heartened by recent recommendations and very much looking forward to a few slices of nice "jamon" and a dry sherry. However, it wasn't to be. Having told on stepping inside at 6:30 on a thursday evening that the waiting time would be "an hour", we were forced down the road for an anaemic steak at the execrable Black and Blue. To save your stomachs, I won't show any pictures of Black and Blue - suffice to say it was expensive, tasteless, tourist trap trash and to give it even a casual mention is to elevate its importance too far.

But I will try again to get into Brindisa very soon - even if it means bringing my sleeping bag and camping outside for a table.

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Annemarie said...

Yes, waiting time there can be a nightmare but it is really, really worth it. I'm not always convinced by the divinity of tapas but Brindisia makes a persuasive arguement in its favor. You remind me I'm overdue a visit, now...