Friday, 7 February 2014

You Decide 2014

It's that time again, the one brief moment in the year when I give up trying to convince people I deliberately go to bad restaurants just to give them a bad review (I don't honestly!) and give you, the reader, the opportunity to do exactly that instead.

There was a time, back in the hopelessly naive early days of this blog, when I thought that if I opened my next review location to public poll I may get a chance to visit such places as Le Gavroche, Alyn Williams at the Westbury and a handful of undiscovered local gems lovingly unearthed by my loyal readership. Five minutes after the poll launched and the Rainforest Café leapt eagerly to the top of the voting tree I realised exactly the kind of hideous mistake I'd made.

But there's no denying that there is a certain curiosity to discover what goes on inside a certain subset of West End tourist trap hell holes, chain dives and Christmas Pizza venues, and given I would never voluntarily spend my hard-earned on a meal I knew with all but complete certainty I will hate, this yearly public vote gives a handy opportunity to get all your sadistic blogger-bashing in one easy click.

Just a couple of obvious rules:

1. I can't have been to the restaurant before (have a quick Google if you're unsure)

2. It has to be either in London or easily accessible from London (the Beijing Penis Restaurant was a very funny choice, yes, well done, but I'm hardly likely to go there)

3. Please check the restaurant you want to vote for hasn't already been added before you add it yourself - we wouldn't want to split that crucial Planet Hollywood vote, would we?

Anyway, knock yourselves out you horrible lot. My fate is in your hands.

A couple of people have said they can't see the embedded poll above. In that case, try clicking HERE for a link to the standalone poll.

EDIT: OK the public have spoken. Frankie & Benny's it is. Wish me luck.


SallyC said...

Robin Hood Zorro?! I've never heard of it - but Tripadvisor users love it, apparently. I was unkind enough to go for Mr Wu last year, so have opted for River Cafe this - would like to know if it's still living up to its reputation.

Unknown said...

I remember Fire and Stone as being truly awful, what made it worse was that they genuinely think weird ingredients on Pizza are a good idea, I mean 'Oven cooked streaky bacon, garlic and rosemary roast potatoes, caramelised onions, smoked paprika, sour cream and chives' anyone. At least some of the chains are just not very good, this has hubris as it's default setting. Ghastly.

Anonymous said...

Definitely Fire & Stone. You need to book under your own name as well for the true VIP experience.

Hollow Legs said...

WHO IS VOTING FOR LE GAVROCHE? Stop it, immediately!

The Shed said...

You should actually totally go to Sodo though, it's ace.

In the meantime, enjoy F&B's :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, forgot there was a comment section here. Posted in the poll comment instead.

Go the The Waterside Inn!

And get an overdraft too. But it's worth it.

Matt said...

Please take a look at the RHZ website, its a combination of inconsistency, vastness and spelling is a treat.

Anonymous said...

Can I make a very serious request? I would love you to come and review some of my local restaurants.

I live in Southgate, N14 which is towards the end of the piccadily line and we have some fantastic restaurants.

Warda is Lebanese, Fantozzi is Italian, Thalasa is Greek, Kervan is Turkish...the list goes on!

Please come to Southgate its such an awesome foodie community :)

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. Frankie and Bennie's was the worst meal of my life and I'm not even anywhere near as discerning as you. Can't wait to read the evisceration that will ensue.

Yin said...

Ahahahahahaa Frankie & Benny's! Sometimes I have to eat there with my children ... the menu is a game of 'which would be least bad?' I recommend the buffalo wings