Thursday, 31 August 2017

Find me on Just Opened London

In case you hadn't noticed I've started doing some bits and pieces - rants, roundups and reviews - for Just Opened London. If you have noticed then great - if not, here are the links to ones I've done so far:

The Wigmore review
James Cochran N1
Fancy Crab review
Marcella review
Plaquemine lock review
Farang review
London's best salt beef sandwiches
London's best cheeseboards
Restaurant guide to Battersea
The 7 best burgers in London
London's worst restaurant names

With any luck if you're a follower of Cheese and Biscuits you should find enough to entertain you in the above. It's more of the same, for better or worse.


Anonymous said...

Re: Fancy Crab. King Crab are an invader species in huge numbers doing a lot of damage just over in the Barents Sea and Norwegian coast, so not sure why London restaurants get it all the way from Alaska at huge cost.

Pleb said...

FYI to answer your question in the Farang review, the Thai dish "lon" is normally served with crab, not prawn as you presumed. Very nice it is too when done well!