Wednesday, 5 February 2020

You Decide 2020

Well, with a due sense of resignation and dread it's that time of year again when I open up my next review subject to public vote.

As ever, I'll start you off with a short list of places I actually want to go to, for you to completely ignore and instead add the usual list of ripoff chains, all-you-can-eat buffets and misguided vanity projects. Or will we have another shock result of somewhere not diabolically awful

Rules, as usual:

1. I can't have reviewed the restaurant before (have a quick Google if you're unsure)

2. It has to be either in London or easily accessible from London (I'll get on a train but I'm not flying to Athens)

3. Please check the restaurant you want to vote for hasn't already been added before you add it yourself.

I'll close the voting in 48h, so midday on Friday. That should be long enough for a representative sample.

AND THE WINNER IS... So|La! Thanks to everyone who voted, you guys rock.


Alicia Foodycat said...

I think a vote for Umu might be a wasted vote.

Craig Peters said...

Had to add Wimpy in the wonderful clacton-on-sea

Gavin said...

That reminds me, I bet a pal five quid that Dans le Noir was a stupid idea that wouldn't last six months. Suppose that after 15 years I really should pony up.

PS also a vote for Dans le Noir

Anonymous said...

I voted for the hospital canteen but Samphire and Salsify already broke ground by reviewing one a few years back.

There are Wimpys closer to London. The one in Billericay is Brad Pitts favourite Wimpy (technically true)

What's the one by the idiot Salt Bae meme guy? That sounds overpriced rubbish you can slag off to your hearts content. Is it open yet? You can take some massively overfiltered instagram selfies when there.


Alex C said...

By the way for those who look at this in Firefox - don't worry you aren't mad - try loading in chrome and you'll see the poll.

Anonymous said...

I didnt notice that Amrutha Lounge before.

From their website

We don’t want anyone to go hungry while we have a kitchen full of food. So if you cannot afford to pay for your meal, simply volunteer some of your time in exchange for a good meal."

Not only should you go here, you should volunteer too. That will be an original review. No food bloggers have yet done the washing up.

(and pay)


Samantha said...

That was one of the worst meals I ever had. Prawns with warm mozzarella. Whose ridiculous idea was that for something to eat in the dark.